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Exercising at home during pregnancy in our maternity sportswear

Exercising at home on Wii Fit Board during pregnancy in our maternity sportswear

There are many advantages of exercising when pregnant, but women can be limited when it comes to finding good quality and comfortable maternity sportswear.
Here at Maternity Sportswear, we want to make sure that every woman can access a range of attractive and practical products that will keep you looking and feeling great while socialising or exercising.

Fantastic clothing! – Mrs T, Oxfordshire

During pregnancy the body undergoes many changes, so having sportswear that can change with your shape means that you don’t need to keep replacing items as your baby, and your bump, grows. We spent a lot of time talking to mums-to-be and researching materials to find out what qualities were most important for maternity sportswear – and as a result of our findings, we developed the fab range of maternity sportwear that you now see in our online maternity shop.

Only the best UK made products available in our maternity sportswear shop

By choosing SUPPLEX® as the material for our sportswear, we’re able to provide expectant mums with clothes that will still be a joy to wear once they’ve had their baby and are getting back into shape. This advanced, scientifically developed fabric allows the skin to breathe, is fade resistant, dries quickly, offers great stretch-ability and pings back into its original form when it’s washed, so that you can wear it as you get bigger and smaller! SUPPLEX® brings you all the benefits of cotton but with these extra properties that make it a real joy to wear.

Our maternity sportswear range comes in sizes 8 – 16 and in an array of colours that will allow you to mix and match your fitness wardrobe and look stylish all day long; and we are proud to have designed and manufactured our range in the UK.

The benefits of exercising when pregnant

Women exercising during pregnancy

Women exercising during pregnancy

The maternity sportswear available in our online shop can be worn at any time for your comfort, but with the benefits of exercising when pregnant being widely reported, it’s also a great excuse to get down the gym or join a yoga class!

Exercise releases important chemicals in the brain and body which can help to regulate your sleep and improve your energy levels, making your pregnancy go much more smoothly. By exercising regularly you’ll help to improve your muscle tone, which will make it much easier for you to get your figure back after childbirth – and by staying in tiptop condition, you can even reduce the discomfort felt during labour.

Physical activity can help to relive stress and is a great way of socialising too – you can join an antenatal exercise class and meet other mums-to-be, go for a walk with friends or play a sport with your partner or family. Pregnancy should be a time for treating yourself and enjoying life, so find time in your schedule to give yourself a boost by donning some gorgeous new sportswear and heading out for some fun!